Our highly skilled team of professionals can handle the heavy lifting. We can handle everything from silt fence and sight prep to finish grade and hydro seeding and everything in between.

Excavating/Grading Services

Trifecta Contracting Commercial Services

Commercial Excavating/Grading

Allow Trifecta to break ground on your construction site. We have all the necessary equipment to get the job done right.

Trifecta Contracting Residential Services

Residential Excavating/Grading

Trifecta Contracting can excavate everything from driveways, garage buildings, patios, pools, sidewalks and more. We even handle the clean up. 

Commercial & Residential Excavating/Grading 

Commercial Excavation

Commercial Excavating/Grading

Trifecta Can provide all your earthworks needs throughout your entire project. Proper preparation on a site is key to starting on the right foot toward a quality product that exceeds the deadline without going over budget.

residential Excavation

Residential Excavating/Grading

Are you in need of additional driveway space for that third vehicle,  maybe an entire parking area excavated? Maybe you’re having water buildup issues and need a trench dug? Let Trifecta Contracting be the solution to your problem.

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